Workout Review For 7-27-09 To 8-2-09

Monday (7/27/09) Day Off – I got a little bit too much sun the day before out on my buddies boat watching the Off Shore Boat Racing going on in front of Metro Beach. I had no energy to workout today.

Tuesday (7/28/09) Insanity Pure Cardio – After taking a day off I had more than enough energy to get back at it. I was not able to finish the workout again but was very tough.

Wednesday (7/29/09) Insanity Plyometric Cardio Circuit & Double Header Softball Game – It was my second time doing this workout and I did much better. I did not finish it but I felt pretty good going to my softball game later that night. I struggled in the field and at the plate in the first game. I was asked to play left field as our normal guy was hurting. I made two errors that cost us 3 runs and only got 1 hit. We ended up coming back by 9 down to take the lead and win. In the second game I played third base and did much better. My bat improved too. We were down by 5 runs in the last inning and I lead it off with a infield single and ended up scoring. We were able to get through the order and back to me with 2 outs, game tied, and men on first and second. They walked the guy ahead of me to get to me. I ended up hitting it up the middle allowing our guy on second to score the game winning run. It felt good to make up for my blunders in the first game with a 4 for 5 performance, 3 runs, and 3 rbi’s.

Thursday (7/30/09) Insanity Cardio Power And Resistance – I was very sore from the previous days activities and could only make it half way through before I had to stop. I was exhausted from all the running and jumping.

Illinois State ParkFriday (7/31/09) Day Off – Went to my girlfriends family reunion at Illinois State Park in Zion, Illinois. Spent 6 hours in the car driving from Detroit to there. I could not imagine living there and dealing with traffic. It was bumper to bumper at noon. What does rush hour look like? When we arrived we checked in and went down to the beach. The water was cold as hell and flat. I could only get in to about my waist before my legs started turning red.

Saturday (8/1/09) Day Off – Hung out at the pool as it was raining.

Sunday (8/2/09) Day Off – Went back down to the beach and went camping for our last night at the park.

I do have a confession to make. I ate fast food from Wendy’s. This was the second time in 4 years that I ate from either McDonalds, Burger King, or Wendy’s. My girlfriends brother and sister-in-law eat it a lot and thought nothing of it. I decided to give it a shot as a test to see what happens. Last time I had it was at a McDonalds in po-dunk Oregon after a ski trip at Mt. Hood. I did not even make it out of the restaurant before having to go to the bathroom.

Even though I have had fast food like food at other restaurants in the last couple of years they were not fast food places. I decided to go with the hamburger and fries. After reading some of that book called Eat This Not That I knew it was my best choice. The same results from Oregon happened though. It proves to me that food from these restaurants has no nutritional value as it did not even stay in my stomach for more than 15 minutes.

With the couple days I took off I hope I can cover over the progress I had doing the Insanity workout. There were things going on the whole time we were on the trip. Maybe I needed a couple days off as it has been some time since I had more than two in a row. I called up my college buddy Nate who lives on the border of Wisconsin and Illinois. He met us up at the hotel. He started P90X three weeks ago and has already lost 10 pounds. He said he really likes it and looks good.

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