2011 Beachbody Coach Summit

2011 Beachbody Coach SummitI know I’m 6 months late in getting this post up about the 2011 Beachbody Coach Summit but I figured better late than never. This year was bigger and better than the 2010 Coach Summit. Had to expect this because the amount of coaches almost doubled in size last year. We stayed an extra day because of all the travel from Michigan to California. Plus, it seems like there is no down time at Summit so the extra day was needed. Summit was held at the JW Marriott in downtown Los Angeles. Beachbody made it a day longer than last years to accompany the additional coaches, give more time for people to attend business building sessions, workout with the trainers, and some partying.

It was really cool to have Jonathan & Jen Register and Mark & Jessica Klanac from my newly created Team Epic there too. It was their first Coach Summit and from the looks of it they really enjoyed it. Ran into a lot of old friends and made some new ones too. Went up on stage a couple of times for some awards I won. My favorite was the Elite Coach medal. Congrats to Josh Spencer for winning top coach and the other coaches who won awards too. Walking across the stage for any award is an accomplishment on its own.

Beachbody introduced a couple new products like the P90X iPhone App, Tropical Shakeology, a new Tai Chi workout, and P90X2. Carl Daikeler and Tony Horton had a little sit down where they talked about how P90X2 was going to be different from P90X. They also talked about the making of the P90X iPhone App and how tricky it was making Tropical Shakeology.

It was pretty cool seeing everybody doing the morning workout outside of the Staples Center. Must have been over 2k people in the streets working out with the trainers. Don’t know how everybody made it to the workout after two consecutive nights of partying well into the night. My guess that it’s in all coaches DNA to get up and get going. Plus, how many times do you get the chance to “bang the drums” with Leandro Carvalho doing some Brazil Butt Lift?

The 2012 Coach Summit is going to be held at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. Had a feeling it was going to be there because of how fast the coach network is starting to grow. It was the only place that could hold everybody. Might have to make a week-long trip out of it. Can only imagine what its gonna look like to have 5k to 10k coaches inside the place. Pretty crazy to see how in 2010 there were maybe 1k coaches at Summit, then 2k this year, and it looks like nearly 10k next year. This whole getting people in shape and helping others live a healthier life is pretty cool. Get a little bit more pumped every time I get back from Summit. Can’t wait for next year.





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