Aging Is Not For Pussies

How about that for a catchy title. I think its much better than Tony Horton’s “Aging is for idiots” that he drops in P90X3. The best part is I heard it from somebody who is not in the fitness industry at all. He is however in the aging industry.

Over The Past Month

We have been re-modeling our kitchen. I’m talking a complete gut job. While we’ve had to deal with a setback from our custom cabinets being damaged in shipping which delayed completion by two weeks it has otherwise gone well. I hired my friend from college as our contractor and learned his step-dad Rob would be doing most of the work after the demo was done. With me working from home it became impossible not to strike up a conversation when walking by. I’ve probably paid him 3 hours just to BS with me.

During our talks, Rob told me he was 61 years old and a retired Detroit cop. He did construction part-time during his police days and now full-time since retiring. He moves around very well and I haven’t heard him talking about the work being back-breaking or anything like that. During all this time we’ve been talking its been brought up how I run my Beachbody Coach business full-time from home. I don’t think he’s heard of P90X or Insanity as he’s admitted to being a reader in his spare time so he’s probably the last person in the U.S to not be bombarded with a late night P90X infomercial.

This has led into talking about working out and being active. I told him about how my desk job has been slowly killing me over the past couple of years and what I’m doing to fix it. I mentioned how I work out 5 days a week, play softball and now racquetball weekly, along with snowboarding in the winter. Anything I can do to stay active. Rob told me how he plays volleyball once a week, golfs when he can, and does projects on his second house in Northern Michigan. We joked about how we can’t do things as well or as much as we could anymore and that’s when he dropped…

Aging Is Not For Pussies

Rob tells me how he doesn’t hang out with old people because if you do then you’ll get old. He listens to whatever music the “kids” are listening to. He also plays sports with young people because it makes him try harder. Rob was saying how friends his age look and act old and complain about being old. Its made them weak. A bunch of pussies if you will. And nobody wants to be around that.

What’s worse?

Having a 55-year-old Tony Horton tell you you’re an idiot for aging due to you not working out and taking care of yourself or being called a pussy by a 61-year-old guy who still does construction and can hang with 20 year olds? I think they are both a wakeup call for people of all ages.

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