Are Obese People Causing Global Warming?

Since my blog is about working out and living a healthy lifestyle I do my best to not talk about politics or government related topics here. They are favorite topics of mine as I read a lot of books and other websites about economics and government. When I opened my browser today I came across a video with Bill O’Reilly and two women debating the topic of whether obese people are causing global warming. I still do not know what or who to believe if global warming is real or not. One of my friends is a chemist and told me that I was a idiot to believe it to be true. Since I do not know all the facts and cannot consider myself an expert in the field I asked him questions like “does pollution contribute to a warming cycle?” From my times working in car dealerships I know that if I stand in a garage with the doors up and the engine running that it will get hotter in there along with it suffocating me from carbon monoxide. So how can this not contribute? His answer was that pollution is bad but does not cause global warming. I kept responding with “where does the heat go if it can’t escape our atmosphere?”

EDIT – Its confirmed. I do not believe in Global Warming because of the data which was tampered with.

In the video they bring up the topic of obese people consuming more contributes to global warming. The intro was funny saying chubby people tend to drive more than walk as I turned in my Ford Fusion last week to ride my bike. With them eating more it makes factories produce more goods which in turn releases pollution in the air. After the good is produced it needs to be shipped. Semi trucks take the good which causes them to burn fuel and release pollution. Then when the good is delivered the store needs to keep more refrigerators running to keep the goods fresh. The fridges consume electricity which is used from a electricity plant that releases pollution.

I have to agree with the blonde on everything and she brings up other topics along with global warming. My favorite one is that healthy people are subsidizing obese people. This hits home with me. I workout 5 days a week, eat pretty good, and have never been on medication. I have been to the Dr. twice in the past 7 years and it was for strep throat both times. Yet obese people who do not take care of themselves pay the same insurance premiums as I do even though I don’t go! Obesity is a lifestyle decision and if you want to treat your body like crap then you should have to pay more then me.  

The one issue I do not like is the one about the economy. Sure, obese people spend more money on high margin fatty products which lets businesses stay afloat, produces jobs, pleases stock holders, etc. If people started eating healthier foods businesses would have to change their business model or go bankrupt. People still need to eat! This could lead onto a “this than that” discussion but watch the video and tell me what you think about the global warming point.

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