Beachbody Performance Supplements Review

I thought it was a great idea when Beachbody consolidated their nutrition line into a premium Beachbody brand name line. No longer would there be P90X Supplements or Body Beast Supplements. There would only be Beachbody Performance.

Beachbody Performance Review

Beachbody put time and effort into making one premium pre-workout, during workout, after workout, creatine, and before bed formula to be used with all Beachbody workouts. Before Beachbody Performance they were all over the place with P90X only products, a intense Beachbody line for Body Beast, and then a bunch of low priced Beachbody alternatives.

Now its all Beachbody. I like the simplified approach. I have been using the Beachbody Performance line for a year and that means its time for a review.

Before I get into the review there are two things you need to know.

  1. I don’t get all into the molecular levels of the ingredients. That sounds insane. To check out the ingredients in each follow the link provided.
  2. I am a “this works” or “this does not work” person. I don’t nibble at the edges for perfection in things I don’t make.

A fun fact about Beachbody Performance is it was developed by a Harvard trained PhD in exercise and nutrition. Beachbody wants you to know this as its on the packaging of each item and inside the System Guide pamphlet.

The lineup includes: Energize, Hydrate, Recover, Creatine, and Recharge. The best way to approach this is by in the order in which you use them.

Beachbody Performance EnergizeEnergize

A pre-workout powder with a lemon flavor. I like Energize more than the now extinct Energy & Endurance. Why is it that all pre-workout drinks are lemon? I am not sure but for the 10 seconds it takes to mix the powder in water and slam it is a non issue.

The tingles set in 15 minutes after consuming and tail off in an hour. One thing I have not liked about other pre-workout drinks is some have a chemical taste. Energize does not. Activities I’ve used it before include Beachbody workouts, a swim, and a long bike ride. Each time I take Energize I feel it gives me that little boost to get through those first 15 minutes.

Beachbody Performance HydrateHydrate

A during workout powder is a new one to me. This one is citrus flavored. Beachbody has not made a during workout drink before and it fills a space in the workout. Using Hydrate is something I tend to forget about. Usually I slam Energize then fill the cup with water forgetting about Hydrate.

The times I do remember to use it is before heading out for a bike ride or to play softball. Sometimes I’ll mix it with Energize before going to the pool for a swim but in most cases I only use it when I’m doing something where I bring a water bottle.

Beachbody Performance Orange RecoverRecover

Replaces the popular P90X Results & Recovery Formula. Recover is available in two flavors, Chocolate and Orange. I prefer Orange and its what I order when I am out but Chocolate tastes good too. Orange reminds me I just did something athletic. Chocolate reminds me of a dessert.

Recover tastes less sugary than P90X Results & Recovery and has a more powdery taste when mixed than the granular taste you could get with Results & Recovery if not mixed well.

Beachbody Performance Chocolate Recover Review

Recover hits the spot after a intense workout. This is the item in the Beachbody Performance line I use most. I use Recover after every workout, swim, bike ride, and even hours of yard work.

Beachbody Performance CreatineCreatine

Beachbody had a creatine in their Body Beast Supplement line before. Like the other items in the Beachbody Performance line I feel this is better than their previous attempt. It has a lighter taste and is less granular.

I only take Creatine after resistance training including swimming. It takes me longer to go through a tub of Creatine as I’m not to keen on taking it all the time. I usually take half a scoop of Creatine mixed with Recover and that works for me.

Beachbody Performance RechargeRecharge

A before bedtime formula is another new one for me. I am not sure if Beachbody is reaching on this one but man is it good. It says Vanilla flavored but it tastes like cotton candy. Very smooth fluffy like texture.

I am not sure if Recharge helps me recover faster when I’m sleeping or not. Usually I forget to use Recharge before I go to bed. I feel this is one of those things that can marginally help if you are working out a lot. Otherwise an additional scoop of Shakeology might work just as well.

Trial Pack

If you are not sure which one you want to try then I’d suggest the Beachbody Performance Trial Pack.

For $20 you get six sample packs covering all five items. You get the Orange and Chocolate flavors of Recover.

This is the best way to try the Beachbody Performance items out.

All or Nothing

As stated at the top there are no more P90X supplements and Body Beast supplements. Sadly, the regular Beachbody supplement line got the ax too. What made this supplement line popular was its cost and simplicity.

Beachbody Supplements
Beachbody supplements I used to buy.

There was a Beachbody Meal Replacement Shake, Beachbody Whey Protein Powder (Vanilla and Chocolate), Beachbody Strength & Muscle Mens Formula (after workout drink), and Beachbody Joint Support Formula (Glucosamine).

Over the years I had bought all of them at least twice and would buy the Beachbody Whey Protein Powder twice a year to keep at the house and take when wanted.

When Beachbody released Shakeology it included a lot of the ingredients in those products and Shakeology came in multiple flavors. My guess is Beachbody thought it would be overkill to have all of those.

From a Beachbody Coach point of view, this line of products was an easy recommendation for people who didn’t want to or could not afford the $120 for Shakeology. A 30 day supply of the Beachbody Meal Replacement Shake was $40.

I understand the desire and probably the cost effectiveness of eliminating the workout specific supplements (P90X Recovery Drink, Hardcore Base Shake, etc.) but it would be nice if Beachbody brought back a non-performance line of supplements. They could call it “Beachbody Regular Performance” or “Beachbody Average Performance”.


In my “works” or “does not work” I would say Beachbody Performance works. With that I don’t think you need to be using them all the time. The ones I use most are Energize and Recover followed by Creatine, Hydrate, and Recharge.

Beachbody knows this and is why they offer items ala carte or in combo packs. I typically buy Energize and Recover every three months and Creatine, Hydrate, and Recharge every six months.

At $215 for all five it can seem pricey. You can sign up as Beachbody Coach for the 25% discount and get them for $162.

I have been buying supplements and nutrition products from Beachbody for 7 years and I feel they continue to improve on their products. If you have questions about the Beachbody Performance line of supplements feel free to contact me or leave a comment below.

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