Beachbody Ultimate Reset Review: A 21 Day Cleanse & Detox Program

Beachbody Ultimate Reset ReviewFrom time to time I will update posts and this is one of those times. This originally posted in 2012 after my first round of the Beachbody Ultimate Reset.

Since finishing my first round I have done two additional rounds including another where I did not take the supplements and only made the food.

What works best for me is to start a round after the holidays in early January and finish before we go on our annual trip to Cancun, Mexico at the end of the month. Its a slow time of the year for me as I don’t have any sports going on and its winter here in Michigan.

When the Ultimate Reset was first released I did not know what to think about it. No working out, no coffee, no alcohol, no caffeine, and no to just about everything else I normally eat or do for 21 days.

At the time I had made Elite Beachbody Coach status and was asked (along with the other Elite Coaches) to take part in a challenge group on Facebook with Beachbody CEO Carl Daikeler.

How I like to write my reviews is I like to share my before and after photos at the top of the post with all of the nitty gritty stuff below. Reason being is you probably have an idea what the Ultimate Reset is about and you’re deciding wether or not you should do it.


Round 1

Beachbody Ultimate Reset Before After Photo

Ultimate Reset Before After Back Photo

Ultimate Reset After Photo Side

  • 16 Pounds Lost
  • Lost 2 inches off my waist
  • Lost 1 inch off my chest
  • Right & Left Arm both lost an inch
  • Body Fat % went from 15% – 10% for a 5% loss

I wasn’t too happy with my before photos as I’ve never been that heavy in my life. I look like how I felt for the 3 months prior to starting the reset…bloated. I picked up on something else in the photos. Take a look at my right elbow, tricep, and face. See the red spots around my elbow and redness every where else? I know the lighting in my after photo wasn’t as good but it looks like a considerable amount of the redness on my skin is gone. Inflammation was all over my body.

My right elbow is the one thats been giving me problems for the past 5 months and I found out during the Ultimate Reset its being caused by inflammation. If I look a little tanned in my after photos its because we were in the Bahamas a week after I took my before photo and started the reset two days after getting back. I’m surprised I kept the tan this long since its mid April here in Michigan and its too cold to be walking around with the shirt off. I wonder if its from the supplements and food or if the tan covers it up.

Blood Work

Before starting the Ultimate Reset I had been asked by Beachbody to get blood drawn to see what the reset would do to a couple of tests. At the end of the 21 days I had to get my blood drawn again to check the difference. A week after the reset was done Dr. Bill Wheeler from Beachbody called me up to tell me my numbers. Here is what the blood work said:

  • Good Cholesterol (HDL) dropped from 110 to 93. Good
  • Bad Cholesterol (LDL) dropped from 61 to 45. Very Good
  • Blood Glucose – Measures the amount of sugar in your blood. Dropped from 99 to 86. Normal
  • Blood Urea Nitrogen (BUN) – Measures the amount of nitrogen in blood that comes from the process of breaking down protein. Normal is 7 to 21. Mine dropped from 13 to 7. Good
  • Testosterone went from 465 to 706. Levels range from 270 to 1070
Total cholesterol dropped from 171 to 138 (Good to Very Good). Dr. Wheeler scared me a little when he said my 99 in the Blood Glucose test was pre-diabetic. After some questioning he re-phrased it to high in the normal range which was nice to hear. Dr. Bill said I should receive an award for the 241 point increase in my testosterone score as he has never seen a jump like that. Most men might see a 100 point increase.
I laughed and asked him what it means. He said the increase in testosterone means I should be able to do exercises much easier without having to exert the same amount of effort. As soon as he said that it started to make sense. As I write this I started a new round of P90X. I felt easier to do some of the moves and my reps are about 60% of my highest reps. Its weird. I guess the science stuff told me more than what I expected.


Round 2

Completed my second round of the Ultimate Reset on 1-26-14. Lost 11.2 pounds. Did not do any blood work nor take measurements with my second round. If you are wondering how my weight went from 173 pounds at the end of round 1 to 199 pounds at the beginning of round 2 it is because in-between these rounds I did Body Beast and put all that weight back on.

Beachbody Ultimate Reset Round 2 Front

Beachbody Ultimate Reset Round 2 Back

Beachbody Ultimate Reset Round 2 Side

I did not document my third round or the time I did not take supplements. What I can tell you is both times I lost around 10 pounds but felt better when I did take the supplements.

Nothing compares to the first round though. I was 32 years old at the time and it went to work on 20+ years of crap stuck inside me. Literally! And at the time I had been taking Shakeology every day for a year. Now at the age of 37 its been seven years since I’ve been using Shakeology everyday.

At this point I am going to get into the nitty gritty details of the Ultimate Reset. I made videos and took pictures of every meal I made and videos describing how I felt during those first 21 days. I didn’t see a point to do it for round 2 and so on as nothing changed with the program. But before all that…

What Is It?

The Beachbody Ultimate Reset is a 21 day program that will help you lose weight, lower your cholesterol, and increase energy. This is not your typical cleanse program that removes everything from your body by taking a bunch of supplements that force you to go to the bathroom. The Beachbody Ultimate Reset gently removes toxins that you have been storing in your body.

A surprise to people who do the reset is you eat a good amount of food throughout the 21 days. You follow a strict meal plan while taking a set amount of supplements through each phase. At the end of the 21 days you will feel healthier than before. Many people who have completed the reset said they feel more focused, healthier, and refreshed at the end.

Think of the reset as something similar to when you need to update your computer. When it’s all done your computer will run smoother and faster because the update has removed all the bugs and glitches. The Beachbody Ultimate Reset removes the things that are slowing you down.

What You Get

Within each kit you will get the following supplements and items to do the Ultimate Reset.

  • Power Greens: A combination of 6 powerful greens, including kale, matcha, cucumber, celery, spinach and chlorella. Takes a couple times to get used to it
  • Optimize: A proprietary enzyme blend and added camu-camu to help support nutrient absorption and bioavailability. No big deal. Its a capsule.
  • Soothe: Combines two incredible botanicals: aloe vera and turmeric, which have been traditionally used to support digestive health and the body’s response to oxidative stress. In a capsule.
  • Mineralize: Formulated with pink Himalayan salt, which adds natural minerals needed by the body. Shake it into water.
  • Detox: Formulated with key ingredients including Chia, Flax and Turmeric, traditionally used to help support the body’s natural detoxification processes and healthy liver function. You may never get used to this one. Feels like it clings to your insides.
  • Revitalize: Probiotics and prebiotics which help support beneficial flora in the digestive tract. A capsule.

The Ultimate Reset Program and Nutrition Guide, which includes detailed step-by-step instructions for your 21-day Ultimate Reset journey, and a complete three-phase Ultimate Reset meal plan.

Ultimate Reset Caddy to conveniently carry your supplements on the go.

Ultimate Reset Bracelet to remind you of your dedication to resetting your body and your life.

They did not have the Soothe or Power Greens supplements during my first two rounds. They were added later to enhance the reset. I have tried them and I guess they made a difference. I actually wore the bracelet my first time but thats it. Beachbody discontinued Oxygenize.

Getting Started

After receiving the package we went through its contents. There were small packages, pill bottles, and two tube like bottles with funny names like Optimize, Mineralize, Alkalinize, Oxygenize, and Revitalize. We went through the quick start guide and watched the dvds. It was well put together and informed us of what we were to expect over the next three weeks.

Started to wonder how much weight I might lose and how I was going to feel. Can’t remember the last time I had gone three weeks without caffeine, a beer, or working out. Have been working out 5 days a week for the past 4 years and probably the last time I went three weeks without a drink was before my first drink.

I was thinking I might drop 5 – 10 pounds with the Ultimate Reset mainly because I knew I could lose that much. Before starting P90X in 2008 I weighed 165. My start weight with the reset was 189. It felt like I put on about 20 pounds of muscle doing these workouts the past couple years but I wondered how much was fat.

Ultimate Reset Grocery ShoppingThe guide said to start on a Wednesday because there might be times during each phase where you are low on energy and will need the weekend to chill. Beachbody asked me to get my blood taken to compare it after finishing.

We needed to do some grocery shopping. I really liked the shopping list they provided because over half of the things we were going to eat I had never heard of before. Had quite an experience at Whole Foods buying these new foods. Did I ever look like an idiot.

Our fridge has never looked so green, lively, and healthy. It would look like this for all 21 days of the Ultimate Reset. And no, I did not drink the beer on the bottom right side of the fridge.

Week 1

Beachbody calls week 1 the “Reclaim” week. There was not a whole lot of info as what to expect during the first week besides trying to get your body back on track. Put a pinch of Mineralize and 15 drops of Oxygenize in a certain amount of water (22oz for me) along with 2 Optimize capsules three times a day. In mid afternoon you take 1 Alkalinize packet with a pinch of Mineralize.

Beachbody Ultimate Reset Supplements

Day 1: The food tasted great. Was a little shocked the first time I took the Alkalinize supplement. Tasted like eating seaweed.

For breakfast we had scrambled eggs with whole grain toast, some fruit, and kale (first time I had it). Dinner included baked salmon, asparagus, and baby potatoes. Both meals tasted great. I even learned how to make salad dressing today.

Day 1 Ultimate Reset Breakfast

Day 1 Ultimate Reset Dinner

Day 2: I felt things starting to work. My kidneys and liver area were working twice as hard as normal. No headaches or tiredness. Lost 3 pounds in my first day. Might have been water weight.

Breakfast included oatmeal with blueberries and yogurt. Lunch was a Greek Salad with chicken and toasted pine nuts. Dinner was a black bean, rice, corn, and salsa taco with guacamole and kale on the side. All three meals tasted great and I was surprised how easy they were to make.

Day 2 Ultimate Reset Breakfast

Day 2 Ultimate Reset Lunch

Day 2 Ultimate Reset Dinner

And yes, I do use measuring cups as a dish to serve and eat out of.

Day 3: My lower back and legs started feeling a little bit of pain. Doing well besides those. The supplements are doing their job. Was getting tired earlier than normal.

I didn’t take a picture of any of the Ultimate Reset meals for today as breakfast was the same as day 1. Lunch was a lentil and micro green salad. We went out for sushi because the meal plan said we could have veggie rolls.

Day 4: My legs and lower back have been feeling very achey for 24 hours. I continue to fall asleep much earlier than usual. As soon as I hit the bed I am out.

Today’s meals included a plate of fresh fruit for breakfast, Lentil Lime & Microgreen Salad for lunch, and Stir-Fried veggies with Quinoa for dinner. They were so good.

Day 4 Ultimate Reset Breakfast

Day 4 Ultimate Reset Dinner

Day 5: Had a lazy Sunday around the house so it was ok to be a little tired throughout the day. Still dealing with the aches in my lower back and legs. It’s not as bad as the previous days but it persists. I have been falling asleep very quickly and waking up with this new level of focus. Its weird. Feeling like I’m getting thinner around the waist.

Breakfast and lunch were great but dinner was tricky to make. We had oatmeal with walnuts and fruit for breakfast. Quinoa salad with hummus and vegetables for lunch. Miso soup with stir fried veggies for dinner. The miso soup was tricky to make and I think we bought the wrong kind of paste. Did not remind me of what we get at the sushi bar. Hopefully we won’t have to make miso soup that much more over the Ultimate Reset.

Day 5 Ultimate Reset Breakfast

Day 5 Ultimate Reset Lunch

Day 5 Ultimate Reset Dinner

Day 6: Was probably the first time since starting the Ultimate Reset that I have not felt any pain in my lower back or legs. Still falling asleep very quickly and waking up with more energy. Didn’t feel like taking a nap today which is a first.

Had my first experience eating Tempeh and it wasn’t that bad. Took a little bit longer to make it than I expected. Should have read about it the previous day and it would of made breakfast a little bit easier. A Quinoa and Microgreen Salad for lunch. Impressed myself by making a Roasted Root Medley, Zucchini-Cashew Soup, and Toasted Millet for dinner.

Day 6 Ultimate Reset Breakfast

Day 6 Ultimate Reset Dinner

Day 7: First week of the Ultimate Reset is over. Fell asleep around 9pm tonight and woke up with a ton of energy around 10:30 but couldn’t fall back to sleep until midnight. No pain in my legs or back at all anymore. Looks like that stuff has passed

Another great day of food. Oatmeal with flaxseed, cinnamon, and stevia along with half an apple and organic yogurt for breakfast. Successfully made Zucchini-Cashew soup with a Microgreen Salad and Avocado for lunch. Knocked out the Baked Tempeh with steamed vegetables and brown rice for dinner.

Day 7 Ultimate Reset Breakfast


Week 1 Results – I was shocked when I stepped on the scale and it said I lost 8.5 pounds. I noticed a bit of mental clarity and seemed to be more focused on work and other things.

Carl was telling us the reason why we were feeling achey was because the Alkalinize was working through our systems and breaking down any parts of our bodies that had a high acidic level. Essentially our insides were getting a workout which was causing the aches. On a different note I was falling asleep very quickly, was waking up with a new level of focus, and even a little bit more energy.

By the end of the week there were no more aches and pains. Was rested for the first time in a long time. My body felt like it was finding a new level of health and was starting to crave new food.

Week 2

Beachbody calls week two the “Release” week. The differences this week were taking the “Detox” packet three times a day (you still take the other supplements) and eating a vegan meal plan. I had never gone completely vegan before so this was going to be a challenge.

Ultimate Reset Supplements Week 2

Day 8:  From the first time I poured the Detox packet into the water I had a feeling its job was to clean you out. The powder was brownish so all I was thinking was it’s supposed to make you go to the bathroom. It had a little bit of a texture type taste to it and wasn’t so bad but was a bit weird. I usually slammed it so you don’t taste that much of it. This was the only day of the week where I spent time in the bathroom. Like 5 times. Felt lighter at the end of the day and continued on with sleeping well.

The meals today were ones we had last week. Plate of fresh fruit for breakfast. Microgreen Salad with an Avocado for lunch. Pinto Beans and Rice, zucchini, and string beans for dinner.

Day 8 Beachbody Ultimate Reset Breakfast

Day 9: Had my first real challenge with the Beachbody Ultimate Reset. A friend offered me free tickets to the Detroit Tigers opening day game against the Boston Red Sox. You don’t turn down free tickets to Opening Day. He called me the night before and I knew I would have to prepare everything and take it to tailgate.

We skipped the fancy meal they wanted you to prepare for breakfast that day and had Vegan Shakeology instead which is ok for a substitute. I made the pinto beans, rice, and micro green salad the night before and put it all into a big Ziploc bag. When it was time to eat at tailgate my friends instantly started to rip on me which was to be expected.

What was funny was many of them said it looked really good, which it was. I even brought all my supplements for the day and took them before and after the game. Was proud of myself to make all of this happen along with not having any beers or buying nachos at Comerica Park which I always get. On a side note, I spent $0 the entire day where I would usually spend $50 or more at tailgate, the game, and afterwards. When we made it back home we made the Sweet Potato and Roasted Red Pepper Bisque and asparagus.

Day 9 Beachbody Ultimate Reset

Day 10: Started to feel tired through out the day. Less energy today than during the days last week. Felt a little out of it. I think those “Detox” packets are starting to go to work on me.

Today’s Ultimate Reset breakfast was a plate of fresh fruit. Lunch was a Sweet Potato and Roasted Red Pepper Bisque along with a Greek Salad. Dinner was a Quinoa Lentil Pilaf with broccoli.

Day 10 Beachbody Ultimate Reset Lunch

Day 11: Today was the first day since starting the Ultimate Reset that I really craved food I use to eat.

Breakfast was fresh fruit again. Lunch consisted of Quinoa Lentil Pilaf again with a half serving of Cucumber and Tomato salad. Dinner was Miso Soup and vegetables.

Day 11 Beachbody Ultimate Reset Dinner

Day 12: Feeling really down on energy. Hit a wall around 6 pm. Catch myself wanting to take naps all day.

Had fresh fruit for breakfast again. There is a pattern here. Miso Soup and a Micro Green Salad for lunch. Mediterranean Roasted Beets and Coconut Collard Greens for dinner which was delicious. Definitely making that meal again after finishing the Ultimate Reset. Of course I forgot to take a picture of that meal so its going to be breakfast again for you.

Day 12 Beachbody Ultimate Reset Breakfast

Day 13: Felt tired all day today. Didn’t sleep well the night before. I can feel the “Detox” packets are working but its draining all the energy out of my body. Ill be happy to be done with phase 2 of the Ultimate Reset.

Breakfast was interesting. We had mashed chickpeas, steamed spinach, and avocado. Lunch was another Microgreen Salad and Mediterranean Roasted Beets which tasted great. Dinner challenged my cooking skills. I successfully made Kabocha Squash with a fancy Garlic-Tahini filling served with steamed vegetables. It turned out pretty good.

Day 13 Beachbody Ultimate Reset Dinner

Day 14: I am so glad today is the last day of the Detox phase of the Ultimate Reset. Its been a long time since I’ve felt this tired during the day. Had a hard time staying focused. I even fell asleep for an hour on the couch today.

What do you know, fruit for breakfast. Kabocha Squash soup in coconut milk and a Microgreen Salad for lunch. Edamame and vegetables for dinner. This vegan lifestyle is not so bad.

Day 14 Ultimate Reset Dinner


Week 2 Results – Dropped another 4 pounds for a total of 12.5 pounds. Pants were looser. I could see more muscle definition. Didn’t fill as chipper in the morning as week 1. No aches or pains. Was the only time during the entire 21 days where I was thinking about cheating on the meal plan.

Some of the meals were a little harder to make. The first week felt like it brought my health up and the second week felt like it balanced the first week out. Days 10 – 14 were the hardest days of the Ultimate Reset for me.

The Detox packets were doing their job. Felt like they were getting everything out of my body it could. Was really tired throughout the day and fell asleep around 10pm at night in which 11:30 is the norm. On two separate days I fell asleep for an hour while sitting on my couch.

Was hard to focus on work as my body just wanted to sleep. Didn’t really have an appetite for food. The food kept me full but I could tell the Detox packets were doing everything they could to get whatever was not removed from my body in week one out of my body for week 2. Spent a lot of time at home because I didn’t have the energy to go out.

Week 3

After detoxing in week two it is now the “Restore” week. I was so glad to be done with the detox week. It really challenged me. No more Detox packets. The only change this week was you took the Revitalize capsule (still take other supplements). This week was about adding in more fruits and veggies to put new healthy things in to replace what was removed during the detox week. Onto another vegan week.

Day 15: Started week three of the Ultimate Reset today. Down 12 pounds so far. Felt better and had more energy today than I did during the entire week 2. I’m not sure if its because the supplements changed or what. I do not miss taking the Detox packets. Instead, we add the Revitalize capsules to the mix.

Breakfast was, you guessed it, fresh fruit. Asian Cabbage Salad with Miso Soup for lunch. Baked Sweet Potato, Garlic Veggies, and Quinoa for dinner. All three meals tasted great.

Beachbody Ultimate Reset Day 15 Dinner

Day 16: Doing much better in the last week of the reset. Food is tasting better. I’m more alert and focused. Felt like I got a lot more done today. More energy through out the day. Didn’t want to take any naps. Starting to enjoy the last week.

Plate of fresh fruit for breakfast. Microgreen Salad for lunch. Curry Cauliflower, Lemon Pepper Kale, and brown rice for dinner. I was happy to see dinner turn out so well. Thought it was going to be tricky from looking at the directions but did much better than expected.

Beachbody Ultimate Reset Day 16 Dinner

Day 17: Had a really good day today. It feels like every day of the Restore Phase I get a little better than the day before. My body feels like its functioning better. Pants felt like they were even looser.

Big ol plate of fresh fruit for breakfast. Moroccan Carrot Salad over salad greens for lunch. Roasted Delicata Squash, Green Beans, and Toasted Millet for dinner. All of them were easy to make and turned out great.

Beachbody Ultimate Reset Day 17 Dinner

Day 18: Experienced first hand why they do not want you working out during the 21 days of the Ultimate Reset. I was not looking forward to this day when I started because it was our first softball tournament of the year. We played 4 games of which I played 2 in the field and had 5 at bats.

My brother has not seen me since I started the Ultimate Reset and who is also on my softball team said it looked like I had lost a lot of weight. Last summer I could play all four games easily. Not so much today.

Strength was no where near what it was prior to starting the reset. Throwing, running, and hitting suffered too. Played ok but not up to my standards. I did not cheat on the meals and even came home to make lunch in-between two of our games. At the end of the day I was exhausted.

For breakfast I went with Vegan Shakeology with a couple pieces of extra fruit. Needed the little bit of extra calories during the day. Came back home during our break between games and made the Spinach salad thingy. Dinner was a first for me. Roasted Fennel Bulb, Lemony Asparagus and Broccoli, and Brown Rice. The Fennel was interesting. Tasted like licorice.

Me Making Salad Dressing

Beachbody Ultimate Reset Day 18

Day 19: Was feeling a little sore today from playing in the softball tournament yesterday. I guess it was to be expected since Beachbody does not want you working out during the Ultimate Reset. Besides that I felt great. Energy levels were high. My appetite is coming back and I’m craving better foods.

Another big ol plate of fresh fruit for breakfast. Vegetable Miso Soup with a Microgreen Salad and slice of whole grain toast for lunch. Dinner was Mediterranean Roasted Beets, Baked Tempeh, and Coconut Collard Greens. Was very impressed by dinner.

Beachbody Ultimate Reset Day 19

Day 20: Probably had my best day of the Ultimate Reset. Had a good consistent energy through out the day. Went for a easy bike ride. Haven’t felt this good in a really long time. I caught myself wanting to do more things around the house and reminded myself there is no need to create extra work.

Its like I look forward to eating a big plate of fresh fruit every morning now. The Jicama-Avocado salad for lunch was tasty. Asian Stir-Fry with Braised Greens and Brown Rice for dinner was delicious.

Day 20 Beachbody Ultimate Reset Dinner

Day 21: Today was my last day of the Beachbody Ultimate Reset. Did P90X Yoga X in the morning. I could definitely feel I was missing a lot of weight around my waist and stomach when doing some of the yoga poses. Had a double header softball game at night and batted ok but have lost a considerable amount of strength throwing the ball. I’m guessing its a combo of not working out for a month and my elbow injury. Another day where I felt great.

Breakfast was the usual plate of fresh fruit. For lunch we had a Carrot Seaweed Medley and Microgreen Salad. Dinner was Avocado-Cucumber Soup, Roasted Veggies, and Quinoa. The soup is awesome.

Beachbody Ultimate Reset Day 21 Dinner

Week 3 Results : Down another 3.5 pounds for a total of 16 pounds lost.

Other Things I Noticed

I thought the Ultimate Reset was just going to be about losing weight but now think the weight loss was a small percentage of everything the reset does.

  • Not Working Out Was Good – I just finished my first round of P90X2 and during the program it did not feel like my body was into it. My results were not impressive. After Day 4 of the Ultimate Reset my body was saying thank you for not beating it up. I guess with working out 5 days a week, playing double-header softball games twice a week, and putting 300 miles on my mountain bike last summer wore down my body. I was burnt out. The 3 weeks off gave my body a chance to chill.
  • I Can Cook – Well, I could cook but now I can cook more things. Instead of spending an hour a day working out and 10 minutes throwing some food together I now focused 40 minutes learning how to prepare new foods.
  • I Crave New Foods – Quinoa, Lentils, Kale, and other things were foreign to me before.
  • Old Injuries Are Gone – Been dealing with a bad left knee for 5 years now. A snowboarding accident (Thanks Bigbird Lady!) and a line drive softball hit by my brother on my 29th birthday that hit me while I was standing on 1st base (Thanks Bro!) have made running or any leg workout a little painful. At the end of the 21 days I don’t notice pain anymore. Not sure if it feels better because of the lack of working out but I have a feeling the Alkalinize supplement had something to do with it. It helps reduce inflammation and I believe thats what it did. My elbow injury subsided too. It used to pop all the time and now it does it every once in a while. I guess it’s not fair to say my injuries are completely gone. However, I feel these supplements and the food have gone the natural route of healing the problem instead of taking anti-inflammatory pills and masking the problem.
  • More Focused & Clear Headed – Got so much more work done in weeks 1 and 3.
  • I Chew A Lot Of Gum – The Ultimate Reset guide said you can’t chew gum for the entire 21 days. Reason being is when you chew gum it sends a signal to your brain that you’re about to eat. I chew about 2 sticks of gum a day and another one every time I leave the house. Was weird breaking that habit.
  • I Don’t Miss Coffee – I never was really a big fan of coffee in the first place but I got in the habit of having one cup a day over the past 2 years. Sometimes it would give me stomach aches and usually the buzz was too much. I did enjoy having something warm with breakfast and will try other things. Im sure I’ll have coffee in the future but will cut back on it.
  • Breathing Easier – I’ve had sinus problems since junior high school so its normal to have to take deep breaths sometimes as I feel like I’m short on air. I did not notice either of those the last two weeks of the reset.
  • I Like To Party…Too Much – This is probably the hardest one for me to accept. I don’t have a drinking problem but when the time comes to have a couple of drinks I do have a couple of drinks. I have a pretty good social life and there is always something to do. I don’t sit around my house drinking but when friends are around I will have a couple. We live in a downtown area so we take cabs to not have to deal with driving. It’s not that I didn’t think I could make it through the 3 weeks without having a drink it’s just that its been a long time being at social events not having a couple of drinks. Kind of like how a smoker has to smoke when other people are smoking. Going to the Tigers game, hanging out after softball games, and being around family were a test. What I noticed is that I talked to more people at those events because I didn’t have a drink in my hand. I can’t say if I enjoyed myself more as I was kind of tired due to the detoxing but I did have better conversations with people. I’m not going to stop drinking but this has been a good experience and needed break. Kind of crazy how much better you feel on Saturday or Sunday when you wake up not feeling fuzzy.

Any Good Tips?

  • Don’t Do It Alone – If you live with someone than pony up the money and buy two Ultimate Reset kits. It would have been a pain in the butt if Andrea and I were making two separate meals every time we ate.
  • Check Tomorrows Meals – There were a couple times where breakfast took 30 minutes to prepare.
  • Prepare Meals The Night Before – Make lunches and have tomorrows breakfast items ready to go.


The Ultimate Reset kit costs $199.99. With it you get the meal plan, 21 days worth of supplements, and some other things to tell you what to do. What shocked me was the grocery bill. Keep in mind the #’s below are for two people.
  • Week 1 – Whole Foods – $324.86
  • Week 2 – Trader Joes & Hollywood Market – $202.02
  • Week 3 – Whole Foods – $159.63
  • Sushi Restaurant – $73.48

Grand total of $759.99 or $379.99 per person. We went out for Sushi twice because we did not want to make the Sushi on the meal plan. If we didn’t go out to dinner and tried to figure out how to make vegetarian sushi rolls we would have spent $686.51 or $343.25 per person.

You could also add the price of a bag of Vegan Shakeology to it since we had it for breakfast on 3 days instead of Miso Soup. But I’m not going to.

We had a number of $10+ items (Coconut Oil, Apple Vinegar, Walnuts, and Quinoa) last all three weeks.

I really think we spent about the same amount of money on the reset as when we’re not on it due to not buying drinks or going out as much.


Who Should Do The Ultimate Reset?

Everybody. I was healthy and fit before doing it and lost a lot of weight. So if you’re in shape don’t think you can’t benefit from doing it once a year.

Ultimate Reset Before P90X Or Insanity?

Absolutely. If you know you have 10+ pounds to lose than doing a round of the Ultimate Reset before starting a workout program might be a better route. Why?

Too many people (myself included) thought you could just do the workout and get results. Many get frustrated after the first month (if they even made it that far) if they were not seeing results and would usually quit saying the workout didn’t work.

When I would ask them how they did with the meal plan they admitted they never followed it. I was in the same boat when I started. What I’ve come to realize after completing the Ultimate Reset is you are asked to commit to almost 13 hours a week with P90X or Insanity and not the 6 hours your required to do with the workouts. How could this be?

Not only are you being asked to open up 6 hours of time into your schedule for the workouts you’re actually being asked for another 7 hours for cooking and grocery shopping. You might think you already spend time on the food part anyways so it shouldn’t count. But it does. I probably spent 2 hours at the grocery store buying the things on the week 1 shopping list for the Ultimate Reset. You should have seen me at Whole Foods trying to find things. I had no clue where things were so I was going back and forth around the store.

When it was time to cook I had to search for the new things in the fridge as I had no idea what they were, get out all the ingredients, read how to properly prepare them, get out measuring cups, and set timers so I knew when to check the food. It was quite a bit of work. You should have seen the amount of dirty dishes in the sink. But why is this all worth it?

If you think you have 10+ pounds to lose then you probably have more. I lost 16 pounds in the 21 days when I thought I only had 5 to lose. If you’ve already committed 6 hours in your head to working out then you might as well flip that and spend the same six hours focusing 100% on what goes into your body.

Don’t go and beat yourself up with P90X or Insanity with a lot of extra weight. The success rate is very low for people who have extra weight because it’s too much too soon. If the end goal is to change your health for the long-term than your better off investing that same 6 hours into learning about what goes into your body and then transitioning to working out. You’ll drop the additional weight, have an understanding of how important the foods are, and be better prepared for the craziness of P90X or Insanity. Remember, its only 21 days.

Shopping Lists

You can find the grocery shopping lists for week 1, week 2, and week 3 here.


You can find every single recipe used during the Ultimate Reset here.

Both of the links to the shopping lists and recipes send you to the Ultimate Reset Participant Portal. Its a fancy online tool Beachbody made after my third round that shows you everything from how to make the food to what to expect on a day by day basis. There’s even an app!

Of course you really only need access to the portal if you are doing the reset. Which leads me into…


You have a couple different options when buying the Ultimate Reset. If you would like to buy the Ultimate Reset for cheap than you can sign up as a Beachbody Coach like I did and save 25% on your order.

Go through the sign up process and you’ll see the discount at some point. If the discount does not interest you than choose one of the options below.

Ultimate Reset Ultimate Reset Challenge Pack Ultimate Reset Dual Kit
Buy Ultimate Reset Buy Ultimate Reset Challenge Pack Buy Ultimate Reset Dual Kit
$200 $265 $350

Beachbody made changes to the program guide telling you to make more food so its there the next day and so on.

The second and third rounds were so much easier than the first as I was more comfortable in the kitchen cooking the foods. And grocery shopping was much easier too!

I didn’t get all psycho with measurements in the second and third rounds like I did in the first round so it made getting through the reset much easier. I even skipped some meals I did not like and made something else. It’s crazy to think how much weight I lose every time I do a round and how much better I feel. I never thought I would get so much out of the Ultimate Reset.

I have not done a round since 2015 as I have been insanely busy with two babies. One born in July 2014 and the other July 2015. I have not been able to get my mind around to doing it again as I know its a commitment.

From time to time we will bust out the Ultimate Reset Program Guide and pick a meal out to make. The recipes were the good and easy to make once you’ve done it a couple of times.

It will probably be Jan 2019 before I do another round and when I do I’ll be sure to post those results here.

Feel free to leave a comment below if you have questions about the Ultimate Reset.

About the Author: Brad Gibala

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  1. Brad,

    Awesome review and awesome results! Nice work sticking to the program and bring diligent in recording your thoughts. Your actions will inspire others to self-betterment. You certainly have for me! I’ve penciled in the Reset to conduct upon my return from deployment. Thanks for sharing! You’re a great American.


  2. Great Review! Exactly what I was looking for – a blow by blow detail of your experience with the reset and how you were affected by it. I tell people all the time that the most common thing I hear is “Yeah, I did P90x, but I really didn’t stick to the diet”. In the end, the story is the same. I learned a lot and got it great shape, but didn’t lose a lot of weight. Diet is huge and it seems experience with the reset will install knowledge, better habits and facilitate results. I’m excited to give it a whirl.


  3. Hey, Brad. Sounds like you just went through hell and liked it. Kidding aside, that’s a great review. We all know what to expect. Now we just have to go with it. Thanks for the pep talk.


  4. I’m glad you liked the review Ellyn. The Ultimate Reset wasn’t that bad. It was just different. The hardest part was trying to find my way around the kitchen.

  5. Glad you liked the review Todd. I learned a lot from the Ultimate Reset. I feel better prepared for a new round of P90X with the new knowledge I have about food.

  6. Brad, I live in a small-ish city with no Whole Foods in sight. How hard is it to find some of the items at my local Wal-mart/Sam’s Club/Safeway? Also, if you are already taking vitamin supplements on advice from your Dr. (One-a-day Silver and Vitamin D) does the program allow you to continue?



  7. You should be able to find the foods at any grocery store. If not, they give you options to to use other foods. I’m not sure about the supplements from your Dr. I believe most of the vitamins you are getting from those supplements are in the foods you’ll be eating. I do remember reading in the Ultimate Reset guide that if your Dr says to stay on a prescription than do so. As always, check with your Dr. first.

  8. Thanks, Brad. My weight at around 180 and a height of 5′ 11″ is not terrible although I’m a little flabby. The reason I’m interested in this is that at age 51 I’m seeing some problems and I think this program can help. I’ve always had digestion issues going from one extreme from another along with acid re-flux. Lately, what used to be seasonal allergies has become a year long problem and now I’m suddenly experiencing eczema for the first time. I think my body is rebelling. I have a terrible diet and drink too much coffee and beer. I’ve been able to give up alcohol for extended periods but I’ve never tried to give up coffee. I’m looking forward to the challenge.

  9. I think you’ll be surprised how many other health benefits you’ll get out of the Beachbody Ultimate Reset besides just losing weight.

  10. Yes. Using Shakeology is a whole lot easier then messing around with some of the meals. I remember one of the meals took 40 minutes to make and was a pain. Most usually take 10 so its not that bad but Shakeology was simple.

  11. Hi Brad! So happy for you that you stuck to the UR!! Congrats!! Your story is very inspiring and I hope I can do as good as you!! My only fear is the cost of the food and the foods that you have to eat. I do not like fish and definitely don’t eat sushi. Do you think this will be an issue or do they give options to replace foods like that with other foods? I am concerned too with the foods you eat during the Vegan part of the diet. I don’t want to spend to buy the plan then not follow it to get good results! Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks so much for your time and help!

  12. They give you options to replace foods but I suggest giving them a try. The meals are very good. The Vegan thing was not a big deal. Do you eat veggies and fruits already? If anything, the Ultimate Reset is a plan on how to lose weight, improve your health, how to cook, and how to eat correctly. We still use many of the meals from the Ultimate Reset. There are many support groups online to get tips and advice. I’ll show them to you.

  13. Wow, thank you for this cool review. I started the Reset yesterday, and so far so good. I can’t believe I feel better after only just one and a half days. I’m sure it will get harder as I go on, but I am committed. The alkalinizer is a struggle, but I’ll get through it!

  14. My wife and I are doing this and Honestly not enjoying some of the food but still sticking to it. 13 days in and still only lost 2 lbs total that I lost first 2 days. I have never drank coffee or caffeine but did eat a lot of snack food like chips. don’t have much desire for them now but really thought I would lose more weight. I started at 198 and I should weigh about 150 for my body size so I am told 5’7″
    why haven’t I lost weight.

  15. Thats a good question. I am not sure. My best guess is everyone is a little bit different. I have heard of some people who don’t see a big drop off as quickly as they like as its quite a shock to their system. The body retains the weight as its a drastic change from what they’ve been doing for years. If you’re saying you snacked a lot than that might be the case. I come back to if you are following the plan then it will work. Sometimes it may take longer. Besides weight loss you can also look at things such as: how you’re feeling, energy, mood, sleeping, etc.

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