FLOATER Golf Ball Review

FLOATER Golf Ball ReviewIt is quite possible that I am the only person on Earth to have played a round of golf with a floating golf ball. Or at the very least to admit they played a round with one.

Just like I do with all of my reviews I play one round at Rackham Golf Course near my house in Huntington Woods, MI.

This round was played on 6-1-18. It was 85 degrees, sunny, and with a light breeze.

And I am going to lead this review with a very strong statement.

The FLOATER might be the best performing golf ball I have ever played.

Yes, really. And at this time I have reviewed 25 of the most popular golf balls produced. That means I have been paying attention to what the golf ball does while I’m playing a round and not just playing.

Oh, and the FLOATER I played is at least ten years old.

That’s right. If you have been reading any of my golf ball reviews you would know I’ve been playing a number of golf balls I found in my Dads workshop. Some of which he bought and others he won at outings. None of which he played. I’m at the point where I’ve played all the name brands and am now at the gag golf balls.

It occurred to me the night before I was to play that I could either buy a sleeve of something new at the course or play the FLOATER. I decided to play the FLOATER. Why not? It was new/unused which allows it to be entered into the contest.

FLOATER Golf Ball Sleeve
Let’s Get Nautical

I did a little bit of reading on floating golf balls and everything I could find said to expect 5% less distance on every shot. That really isn’t a whole lot. On a 200 yard shot that’s 10 yards. For my skill level that is barely enough to decide on clubbing up. Which I did do a couple of times as it was in the back of my mind.

When going over the specs of this particular floating golf ball it is made of a Cut-Proof Surlyn Cover, High energy core for greater distance, and of Two-piece, high performance design. And its unsinkable.

You know, when I look at the sleeve there is a strong possibility Dad might have bought these. The label says Pro Golf of Roseville. A place that no longer exists but all search results point to Jawor’s Golf Center which is a driving range I know I’ve been to with my Dad and brother growing up in the 90’s.

Maybe the pro shop was named Pro Golf Of Roseville back then. And maybe Dad snuck into the pro shop and bought these floaters. He had a mild funny side so I can see it. At the same time, they were $6 for 3 golf balls. That’s Pro V1 money for the 90s and 2000s.

And they were distributed by JP LANN GOLF in Royal Oak, MI which amazingly still exists and is not that far from my home. As you can guess they do a lot of novelty golf items. Check out the JP LANN Amazon page if you want some goofy golf stuff.

Have I buttered you up with this amazing back story? Are you on the edge of your seat ready to read one of the best reviews of a golf ball in the history of ever? Ok. Lets do it.

Sending Driver – My first shot of the day was with Driver and I immediately knew this golf ball was different. Think of the last time you hit a tennis ball with an aluminum baseball bat. You know how the tennis ball jumped off the bat and maybe even spun upwards as it continued to go. And then when there was no more distance to gain it just fell from the sky? The FLOATER had a trajectory like that.

It was hilarious. And yet awesome. I only hit 5 fairways which is about average.

Now about distance. When I made good contact it landed in the same places I normally land with newer non floaty sorts of golf balls with many more amounts of technology.

FLOATER Golf Ball Distance
Be all Floating to the same spots as the non floaty type golf balls do.

When I mis hit the FLOATER it tended to have a much higher trajectory than normal resulting in 10 to 20 yards less distance. That happened twice.

FLOATER Golf Ball Fairway
Getting its tan on in the fairway.

With the wind behind my back the FLOATER really…umm…floated. It really did. It happened on the Par 4 3rd hole which is a dog leg to the left. Typically I land right around the 150 yard marker which gives me an unobstructed shot to the green.

On this drive a 10 mph wind was at my back and when it got up into the wind with its tennis ball trajectory you could see the wind carry it. This was only the second time I had ever driven it through the fairway where it turns into the dog leg. The other time it happened was mostly due to the course being rock hard from not getting any rain for three weeks resulting in shots rolling out.

One last tidbit about hitting the FLOATER with Driver. So I setup to hit a draw but typically it goes straight. With the FLOATER I was able to hit three draws. And I’m talking sending it out right and coming back left. Just like how I planned it to go. It was awesome.

FLOATER Golf Ball 5 Wood
Did you order the 5 wood twice? As a matter of fact I did.

Fairway Woods & Hybrids – Again, awesome. Distance was about the same or just a little less than newer golf balls but the FLOATER did what I wanted it to do all day.

When I was hoping for it to roll out, it would. When I wanted it to stop, it would.

The Par 3 13th plays 204 yards from the White Tees. Its a deceivingly long hole as a huge mounded bunker blocks the front right side of the green. It makes the hole look shorter. Many people hit 5 irons and land in the bunker. Typically I hit 5 wood as going long is safe.

Today the flag was in the back. And I thought it would be a better idea to hit 3 wood with the whole floating golf balls get 5% less distance thing…um…floating around in my mind.

So that’s what I did and sent a laser. It appeared from the tee box it was on the green but when I approached I was shocked to see the FLOATER hit and rolled out maybe 6 feet to pin high.

Even the guys I was golfing with said that shot should have rolled off the back of the green. I agreed. But we’re talking about the FLOATER here. It does what it wants to do.

FLOATER Golf Ball 3 Wood
A squared + B squared = 3 wood from 204 yards.

Did not hit my 4 hybrid today because when I was at the in-between distance I hit 5 wood with very good results.

Irons – Again, awesome. The FLOATER did exactly what you want a golf ball to do with irons. Get the distance you want and land softly. That tennis ball flight path was hilarious to watch.

FLOATER Golf Ball 9 Iron
Some serious side spin with a 9 iron.

I will say I noticed less distance with irons more than the fairway woods. And that the FLOATER had a tendency to tail off to the right or left on what you would consider to be a straight shot. It did not have a straight laser like flight path. And that’s ok.

But again, when it landed, it stopped.

Had a great 4 iron from 165 yards out to the small green on the Par 4 11th. Landed and rolled out 6 feet.

Had a superb 9 iron from 110 yards out to the Par 4 12th green that rolled out maybe 3 feet.

FLOATER Golf Ball Iron Shots
4 iron + 9 iron = I still missed the birdie putts.

The FLOATER did not compress as well as newer golf balls with irons but did not feel like a rock either. I had 7 Greens In Regulation but three of those came with fairway woods.

Wedges – Up and down for par on three separate occasions including once out of the sand. The FLOATER did not feel like a two piece golf ball in chipping or half shot situations. It felt like a premium golf ball here.

And with my iron play not being truly spot on it resulted in a lot of chips from just barely off the green. More often than not I was able to get the distance right and the FLOATER would check up ever so slightly and roll out. Exactly what I want.

Putting – Again, awesome. The FLOATER might be the best golf ball I have ever putted with. I’d say in line or better than the softness you feel with a ProV1.

Zero 3 putts (I’m always good for at least one) and six 1 putts (must be a record). Drained a 25 footer for birdie on #11. Saved par on #5 with a 15 footer. And there were at least five other putts from 10 feet or further away that stopped within 6 inches of the hole.

On almost every hole I put myself in a spot to have a legitimate chance to one or two putt with good chipping and nice approach shots. I only had 30 putts which is above average.

Durability – Even though the FLOATER was a good boy and didn’t hit trees, cart paths, wildlife, etc. it is showing a couple of blemishes. My guess is the main one is from the sand trap. I know I can get a couple more rounds out of it but I am not so sure about long-term durability seeing how it was mostly on grass all day..

Floater Golf Ball Durability

Score – 78. GIR – 7. Putts – 30. Fairways – 5


Did the FLOATER exceed expectations? Absolutely.

Isn’t the FLOATER what we really want in a golf ball? Absolutely.

It has average distance with all sorts of softness on and around the greens. And the control was something else. Feedback was exceptional. Everything about the FLOATER was what I’d want in a golf ball.

It’s crazy that I played the Par 5’s 4 over par and still broke 80. I’m typically 1 over par on those.

Could it be that I found my forever golf ball? Or could there be something else?

Of the three times I’ve broken 80 two of those times happened with one of my Dad’s golf balls. Both of which I’m pretty sure he bought. And both of which happened during testing.

Could I of had a little help from the Heavens with the Titleist DT Wound 100 and the FLOATER? I had not been playing so well to open up the 2018 golf season. My previous scores were an 85, 87, 87, 91, and a week prior an 89.

To go from 89 to a 78 in a week is something. I am capable of breaking 80 but that’s making up a lot of shots.

I tried to find if the FLOATER is a legal golf ball but there was no information saying it was not. In the eyes of the USGA it’s all about a maximum weight and minimum diameter. My guess is it would be a conforming golf ball because it is lighter and the same diameter as others.

The USGA is probably thinking what no talent ass clown is going to play a FLOATER? Well, we know of at least one ass clown.

If you curious about buying these particular FLOATER’s I have some bad news. I contacted the company and they do not have these nor do they distribute floating golf balls anymore.

But other companies make them and you should probably buy a dozen floating golf balls. Who knows, you could have the second best round of your life with a gag ball.

Oh, and one last thing.

Does A Floating Golf Ball Really Float

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