How Did I Get So Fat?

How Did I Get So FatIf you knew the next bite from a hamburger was going to put 100 pounds on your body, would you take that bite? Probably not. I’ve been reading “The Compound Effect” by Darren Hardy and he does a pretty good job of explaining this predicament. It’s not the next bite that makes you fat. It’s all the other bites you’ve had over the past couple of years that made you fat.

How Did This Happen?

How many times have you heard somebody say they don’t know how they put on the weight? What about a friend you haven’t seen in 6 months who is 20 pounds heavier. It wasn’t the one hamburger. It was all of those daily mundane choices over the past 6 months that did it to them. Instead of making oatmeal in the morning you pick up McDonalds breakfast on the way to work. Instead of preparing a healthy lunch you opt for greasy fried food at work. Instead of having water with dinner you go with a Pepsi. You don’t think anything of it as every time you look in the mirror everything looks about the same. No need to panic. Unfortunately, all of those small choices start to add up.

Sound The Alarm

Wouldn’t it be nice if there was an alarm that went off every time you made a bad food decision. I’m sure there’s an app for that but the problem is you have to use it. Maybe somebody needs to invent a pair of jeans with an alarm that says “Hey, it’s getting a little tight in here.” What this really comes down to is neglect. What’s easy to do is also easy not to do.

Reward Without The Guilt

Have that hamburger, fries, pizza, buffalo wings, and whatever else brings a smile to your face. But not often. Reward yourself with a “Fat Out Day” every once in awhile instead of every day. Didn’t workout 5 days that week? No fat out day. Ate like crap the entire week? Add 2 hours of cardio that week. Get your fix eating those things only after you take care of yourself first. You’ll probably find out that smaller portions will satisfy your cravings and you might not want them anymore due to your new healthy habits.

A Plan

Dropping the weight is just as easy to do as putting it on was. Your non-existent weight loss / health plan was your plan to put weight on. Take some time to research a new weight loss or fitness plan and follow it. Following those small mundane daily choices in your new plan will have a profound effect on your health. Not sure what plan is right for you? Contact me. I’ll help.

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