Put 300 Miles On My Mountain Bike In 2011

Forgot to post this picture I took of the odometer on my mountain bike. I did a ton of riding in 2011. Decided to scale back the running because of my bad left knee. Figured the mountain bike riding would still give me a good cardio workout without the high impact that running does. This picture was taken in November 2011 and I know I did a couple more short rides before 2012 came around.

300 Miles Mountain Bike

Most of my riding was done in the summer time on my way to softball games. I do own a car but rarely use it because I work out of the house. It’s a 6 mile ride to Liberty Park from my house and during rush hour it was almost just as fast to ride as drive. Did this almost once a week the entire summer. The guys on my softball team would laugh at me when I rolled up on my bike but I was warmed up and ready to go. Would also ride up to Lifetime Fitness in Troy from my house to go swimming once a week which was a 12 mile round trip. Through in a round of the Insanity Asylum workout and double-header softball games twice a week and it was a busy summer. My calves were more defined and stronger than ever and my knee didn’t hurt as much. Don’t know if it’s a good thing or not but I got wider from the riding. Like thunder thighs but with muscle.

Whats funny is I just took my bike in to KLM Fitness to get it tuned up for spring. Was talking some shop with the guy who did the work when I was picking it up. Told him how I did a lot of riding in 2011 and put a little over 300 miles on the bike. A couple of minutes went by and he responded with “Yah in 2011 I put 11,000 miles on my bike.” Here I am thinking I’m a bad ass for doing 300 and this guy tops me by 10,700 miles. Ridiculous.

My goal for 2012 is to put 500 miles on the bike. Its pretty easy to start racking up miles if you make the effort. I live in a small downtown area where it makes sense to ride than drive to places. Don’t have to deal with parking. Probably saved myself $40 in gasoline last year from riding. What a deal.

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