Srixon Golf Ball Review

Up next in my search for the best golf ball are those from Srixon. Only once have I ever bought Srixon’s before and that was when I went to Arizona in 2007 to visit a friend. We played a very fancy course and Srixon’s were the cheapest balls available to buy at the course. So I bought a dozen and actually enjoyed them.

That was over a decade ago and I have not bought Srixon’s since. Nor can I remember playing one that I found. But who knows. Maybe I will rekindle that time I played a Srixon from a decade ago.

Just like I do with all of my reviews I play one 18 hole round at Rackham Golf Course near my house in Huntington Woods, MI. And to keep my reviews nice and tidy I will update this post with the different Srixon golf balls I play.

Srixon Z-STAR Golf Ball Review

Rackham Golf Course. 6-8-18. White Tees. 85 Degrees. Sunny. Very light breeze.

Srixon Z Star Golf Ball Review

Heading to the golf course I knew I was gonna have to buy a sleeve of golf balls at the clubhouse as I was not prepared. They don’t keep that many golf balls stocked and I’ve played most of them so that left me with the Srixon Z-Star.

A decade has past since I played a Srixon. And my lasting impression of them was a good one. Going into the round I had expectations of a very well performing golf ball.

You don’t see that many pros playing Srixon nor average schlubs like me. They’re just not sexy.

Srixon Z Star 3 Golf Ball Sleeve
So what happens if I leave them in the trunk?

The packaging was fancy and I liked the font but after those initial impressions it looked and felt like a decent golf ball. Nothing more, nothing less.

Everything the Z Star claims should be a golf ball built for me. My swing speed is probably in that 88-108 mph zone. I love me some Spin Skin and a good Speed Dimple. Mmmmm. Don’t even get me going on an Enhanced Energetic Gradient Growth Core.

What is concerning is the warning of “Do Not Leave Near Extreme Heat Or In The Trunk/Boot Of A Car In The Summer.” What happens if I do? Will an authority figure have to be notified?

You know what STAR stands for? No? I’ll tell you.

Spin, Trajectory, Acceleration, and Responsiveness.

So now you know.

And with that lets see what the Z-Star’s got.

Sending Driver – All sorts of average distance for most of the day. And all sorts of below accuracy. Hit the fairway 4 times which is well below average. Was not put into any positions where I could not go for the green or take a full swing on the next shot. Would either push it to the right or send a line drive to the left.

And just when I think the Z-Star is a very average sort of distance golf ball I end up hitting the furthest drive I have ever hit on the Par 4 15th. It’s a deceiving drive as the fairway starts behind a very large bunker up a hill about 150 yards from the tee on an angle. It’s tricky because you don’t aim straight off the box. You need to aim right.

I smoke the Z-Star with the elusive draw that I try to hit on every drive. It felt awesome the second it left the club.

As I made my way up the hill looking for the 150 yard marker I notice the Z-Star to not be there. This is where my typical good drives end up. Not the Z-Star. It was up ahead near the 100 yard marker in the fairway. That puts this drive around 270 yards. That’s a big poke for your boy. And it was uphill. And in a blizzard. And a hurricane. A blizzard hurricane.

Srixon Z-Star Golf Ball Driver
How do you do 100 yard marker.

Fairway Woods & Hybrids – I hit my normal amounts of 3 and 5 woods today with not so many eye-popping results. Distance was ok but it didn’t make that nice “cracking” sound I get with premium golf balls.

And it didn’t produce great feedback either. I’m usually good for at least one GIR with a fairway wood but that did not happen today.

Similarly with the Driver the Z-Star did have two very nice shots with 3 wood on the Par 5 7th and 14th which let me get into position to have a GIR.

Irons – Only 5 Greens In Regulation which is pitiful. Distance was not there with the Z-Star here. Kept coming up short on most of my approach shots.

Feedback was lacking and when I mis hit it was off. The Z-Star did not have that piercing ball flight you want coming off the irons.

Srixon Z Star 9 Iron
9 Iron. None of those are my divot. Z Star magically did not leave one.

All 5 of my GIR’s were done using a 9 Iron or Pitching Wedge. Sad to say the least.

Wedges – As I said above. My GIR were achieved with higher lofted clubs. Taking full swings with those clubs resulted in very consistent high trajectory ball flight.

Srixon Z Star Another 9 Iron
9 Iron. That is my divot.

In most cases the Z-Star took a hop or two and stopped. No crazy back or side spin.

And since the Z-Star kept coming up short on approach shots it left me with many chip shots into the green. Which is where I didn’t mind the Z-Star.

Except for the first hole. That was a disaster with every wedge in the bag. For some reason the Z-Star wanted to fly the green with a Pitching Wedge. Then come up short with the Sand Wedge. Then come up short again with the 60 Degree. That’s how you start your day with a 9.

Got up and down for par twice…which is nice. Damn you first hole. DAMN YOU!!!

Putting – Had 32 putts which is very good. We have to acknowledge my lack of Greens In Regulation which put me in many situations to chip from off the green and get it close.

In many cases I was 5 or 10 yards off resulting in long chip shots. A few yards closer and they would be long putts.

My only three putt on the day came on a hole where I of course was initially putting for birdie. And I had five 1 putts which is quite good. Two of which were birdie putts I made from around 15 feet out.

The Z-Star didn’t have that soft feel coming off the putter or that “clink” sound you get with a ProV1 but was otherwise ok.

Stated differently. The Z-Star did not suck to putt with.

Durability – Surprisingly there were some scuff marks on the Z-Star. And I did not hit any trees or go into any sand traps. The cover still feels like new but the marks were unexpected.

Srixon Z Star Durability

Score – 87. GIR – 5. Putts – 32. Fairways – 4.

Srixon Z-Star Score

I dont see myself buying the Srixon Z-Star again. Its a decent ball. But it does not have all the features I want in a golf ball. Mostly feedback and consistency. And it did not score well which is whats most important.

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