Thanksgiving Dinner Always Makes Me Fat Out

Thanksgiving festivities have finally drawn to an end. Every year the routine is pretty much the same. I get huge. I’m not going to lie, but I like to eat. Very seldom do I ever turn away food and its even harder to do when all of the food that is cooked turns up on a plate. Thanksgiving day alone is a day full of eating. My family and I go to the Detroit Lions football game. I have been trying very hard to convince my dad to not buy season tickets anymore but he refuses because our seats are “too good to let go” (2nd row from the field). The morning starts off with a small tailgate with friends and family at 10am eating and having a few drinks. I wish we could just stay there and not watch the game because we all knew they were going to lose… and they did.

After the game its over to my aunt’s house for Thanksgiving dinner. She cooks up quite a feast. Turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, corn, ham, deviled eggs, rolls, and a bunch of other amazing recipes. This might have been the first year in quite some time where I only had one plate. I was probably still full from the morning tailgate and needed some space left over for banana cream pie. There was a point later in the night where I almost passed out from being too full. Thanksgiving ended with a day filled with a lot of fun with family and friends.


So what do you do with all of the leftovers? You eat those too. We had enough leftovers for the next two days to feed the family Thanksgiving dinner again. Not willing to turn down another offering of one of my favorite dinners I dove in on that dinner on Friday. I could feel the pounds being put on. We didn’t do anything friday night from being to worn out from visiting and fatting out too much.

When I woke up on saturday I felt like I just ate a whole turkey. Since I had not done any kind of P90X workout routine at all in a couple days the calories I knew all of the calories were not getting burned off. Later that night me and my girlfriend were scheduled to go out to dinner with 4 other couples we hang out with. I kept telling myself that I needed to do some sort of workout because if I did nothing I was going to eat a ton more and feel huge on Sunday. My motivation kept telling me to do something but my body was not reacting. What finally clicked was when I was watching TV and flipping through the channels I watched a commercial for Big Medicine on the Discovery Channel. It was a blip about a guy who ways over 500 pounds and can’t stop eating. Five minutes later I was out the door running. I ran 5 miles and felt a whole lot better when I got back to the house. The fresh air helped out a lot. I had been in a house for pretty much 3 days straight. We went out to dinner and had some food and a couple drinks. All in all a good night with some great friends.

Sunday came along and I was still full. I didn’teat that much that day because most of the Thanksgiving dinner left overs had been eaten and there was nothing left in the house. To finish off the weekend of fatting out it was determined to be a good idea to order a pizza. I only ate 4 slices this time and not my normal 6. Nothing I ate over the past 4 days was on the P90X Nutrition Plan for sure.

So what to do now? I only worked out once in 4 days and I feel like a blimp. I always do this to myself and sometimes I need to endulge a little bit. Its not like I was eating junk food the whole weekend just more of good food. It looks like its going to be a couple weeks of doing P90X Doubles. This is where I will be doing some form of cardio workout in the morning and a P90X DVD at night.

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