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Tony Horton & Brad GibalaCongratulations on taking the time to read this. It means you have decided to take control of your health and fitness. I have learned a lot about what it takes to get in shape using Beachbody’s workout programs. I am proof that you can get great results while working out at home and am here to help you achieve your goals too.

Before We Begin Make Sure You

Contact Me On Facebook

Send me a message saying you found my site. We will be able to talk about your goals on a more personal level. In the mean time we will go over the steps listed below.

1. Make Me Your Free Coach

Free Beachbody Account – This is free and takes 30 seconds to do. This means I’ll be there to help answer questions about the products and supplements for you. In doing so I will also add you to my team of people who are trying to reach their fitness goals too.

2. What Are Your Goals?

Many people want to jump right into P90X or the Insanity workout. If you have 10 or more pounds to lose then you may be better off doing the Beachbody Ultimate Reset first. It’s a 21 day cleanse program that helps get all the toxins and waste out of your body. I lost 16 pounds in 21 days doing it when I didn’t think I had that much weight lose. You might be better off doing this first and then moving on to P90X or Insanity once you have the weight off.

3. Choose A Program

There is a program for everyone. If you want a beginner program than go with the 10 Minute Trainer or Slim In 6. If you’re looking for something extreme than go with P90X, Insanity, P90X2, or Asylum. There are intermediate programs like Les Mills Pump, Power 90, or Turbo Fire. For most of us, just deciding to commit the time and money to a workout program is all you could do for now. And that’s fine. I was the same way. My advice is to just take a program and start.

Beachbody Challenge PacksIf you’re one of those types of people who likes to do their homework before buying then there  is a great option for you. There is a way to SAVE MONEY by bundling your fitness program, Shakeology, and get free shipping on everything at a discounted price. They are called “Challenge Packs.” 

There is a challenge pack for every workout program that Beachbody makes. You’ll save $40-$80 on the purchase of a challenge pack. I recommend you get one of these right from the get go. Go to the Beachbody Store and click on the challenge pack tab on the left hand side to check them out.

4. Find Out What Equipment You Need

You will not need equipment for Turbo Fire or Insanity. For P90X you will need a chin up bar and resistance bands or dumbbells. You might want to look at getting the Tony Horton Push Up Stands, Chin Up Max, and Beachbody Jump Mat to get the most out of your program. You can view these in the Beachbody Store under the equipment and gear tab.

5.  Take The Time To Learn About Nutrition

Over 70% of your results from a program are attributed to what you eat. If you are not seeing results with the programs than it’s because you’re not following the meal plans. It’s that simple. Shakeology will simplify at least one meal of the day for you. I’ve been using it daily for about 3 years now. It has helped so much with my overall health and the results I’ve earned from the programs. I highly recommend it with any program you do.

Workout Journey Facebook Group6. Join Our Facebook Group

When you make me your coach I will add you to our Workout Journey group on Facebook. There are a lot of people on there at different stages of Beachbody programs. The support and accountability the group gives has helped out a lot of people. This is where you will check in to share your daily progress and to help others.

If you are ready to get started then go to the Beachbody Store and pick out what you want to get. Scroll back up to #1 if you need some help picking out a program and don’t forget to contact me so I can answer your questions and add you to the accountability groups.


  1. Brad,

    My name is Matt and I am a 28 year old member of the Armed Services. My position, however, is an office position and it is often difficult to juggle time at the gym with my other responsibilities. I am looking to return to P90X. I tried the program almost two years ago when I weighed about 210 lbs at 73 inches tall. I lost nearly twenty pounds of weight. However, I lost my focus and stopped working out.

    A year ago, a year after I stopped working out, I had ballooned to an outrageous 256lbs. I was married that year and the pictures from that day, still, bother me intensely. I enlisted in the US Air National Guard and proceeded to join a Crossfit Gym. I lost 51lbs prior to shipping out for Basic Military Training. Seven months, and thirty pounds later, I returned home at 171lbs and in the best shape of my life.

    Several months later, I am still holding at around 175lbs through fitful periods of exercise and a keener eye for my nutrition. However, bad habits are returning, and my original goals for fitness have still not been met. I am looking to restart the P90X program that was effective when I was using it and rebuild myself, continue to build myself, until I reach my fitness goals.

    Please, email me. I’d like the support the online coach can offer and guidance from someone who has gone through the program.

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