P90X Supplements Review

Tony Horton P90X Recovery Drink**Update 2-9-17**

The P90X Recovery Drink, P90X Protein Bars, P90X Pre-Workout Drink (AKA – Energy & Endurance), P90X Peak Health Formula, and quite frankly the entire P90X Nutrition line has been discontinued.

Recover from the Beachbody Performance line has replaced the P90X Recovery Drink and Beachbody stopped making the P90X Protein Bars. I’m gonna miss those protein bars. Read my Beachbody Performance review to learn about the new supplements.

**Original review about the P90X Supplements below**

I get asked a lot by people if the P90X Supplements will make a big difference with their results. I’m not a nutritionist so I can’t explain the breakdown of what each of the ingredients do to your body. I can only write about what I have tried and how they affected me when doing P90X. B

Before starting P90X the only nutrition product I had ever used was a Whey Protein shake.

What Are The P90X Supplements?

  • P90X Results & Recovery Formula (AKA – P90X Recovery Drink)
  • P90X Protein Bars
  • P90X Pre-Workout Drink (AKA – Energy & Endurance (E&E))
  • P90X Peak Health Formula (Vitamins)
  • P90X Performance Pack (Even More Vitamins) – I never bought these.

A little backstory before getting into the review of each P90X supplement.

A Whey Protein shake I bought from GNC was the only supplement I used during my first 90 days of P90X. I was in good shape before starting P90X from 2 years of running almost 20 miles a week but I was not in P90X shape. Soreness was a common theme after most of the P90X workouts.

I was so pleased with the results I had from round one of P90X that I started round two of P90X two weeks later. For round two I broke down and bought the P90X Recovery Drink after hearing Tony Horton mention it in almost every workout. Wanted to see what it was all about.

P90X Recovery DrinkP90X Recovery Drink Review

My first time using the P90X Recovery Drink was after doing P90X Legs & Back which in most cases I will be sore for two days after.

Didn’t really start noticing the differences it made until the second week because I wasn’t noticing something I had noticed all the time before. Soreness. It now lasted one day. Some of it could be because I was on round two and have mastered some of the moves but I was pushing harder this time.

At the end of round two of P90X I started seeing more definition and didn’t hurt as much. The P90X Recovery Drink was making an impact. Felt like I could recover much faster from the workouts and be ready to get at it again.

I ended up buying the P90X Recovery Drink and used it after running, skiing, snowboarding, softball tournaments, pretty much any strenuous workout. I purchased the tub version on Home Direct to get free shipping and another one in the packet version so I could bring with me on trips.

Its been more than just a after workout drink and is much better than having a scoop of Whey Protein in water when finishing. The recovery time has been cut in half because of it and that means a lot since I’m getting older can’t recover as fast as I could when I was younger.

A New P90X Recovery Drink Formula For 2011

The new P90X Recovery Drink has 1 less gram of total fat per serving but .5 grams more of saturated fat per serving than the old P90X Recovery Drink. At 1 gram of total fat and less than 1 gram of saturated fat per serving I think we’ll be ok.

Cholesterol per serving dropped 10 mg from 30 to 20 and Potassium went up 8mg to 155 mg per serving. Everything else pretty much stayed the same besides what I think is the most important one, the sugar. The new P90X Recovery Drink dropped 10 g from 36g to 26g per serving. I’ve always thought this was the one thing that could be improved with the P90X Recovery Drink.

The product does what it says it will do for sure but my teeth always felt sticky / sugary after using it. If this goes away then Beachbody would have done a good job making a great product even better.

P90X Recovery Drink Price

New P90X Protein Bars
My Monthly Shipment Of P90X Protein Bars

P90X Protein Bars Review

I was addicted to the P90X Protein Bars and am a little sad Beachbody discontinued them. These were my go to snack for five years. It was common for me to have one a day or at least every other day. If I was going for a long drive, bike ride, ski trip, or needed a snack between double header softball games I would take one with me.

I had two variety packs of P90X Protein Bars sent to my house on auto shipment every month for at least four years before they were discontinued. My favorite flavor was the Wildberry Yogurt followed by Cafe Mocha, Chocolate Peanut Butter, and then Chocolate Fudge.

P90X Protein BarsThe P90X Protein Bars were re-done in 2011 and made even better. Beachbody said the new P90X Protein Bars have more natural ingredients then the old ones. After taking a look at the ingredients from the old ones to these the only real differences I could find are that the calories dropped from 260 to 250 and sugar dropped from 26g to 17g.

The rest of the ingredients like vitamins, Copper, and my favorite ingredient name Riboflavin are about the same. The sugar content was the only thing I did not care for in the previous P90X Protein Bars. The protein content is still at 20g per bar. Crisps were added and they also have a softer shell making it easier to bite into and not so proteiny.

If you are looking for an alternative for the P90X Protein Bar the check out the ones from Raw Revolution and the Primal Kitchen.

P90X Pre-Workout Drink Review

Known as Energy and Endurance or E&E but commonly referred to as the P90X Pre-Workout Drink. This supplement was not released until 2012 which kind of puts as a transition product from a branding point of view for Beachbody. They were almost a decade out from P90X’s release date and they were moving towards consolidating their supplement line into Beachbody branding.

Energy and Endurance is supposed to help you burn more fat and calories, get you ripped faster, build muscle faster, and increase muscle performance. I cannot say for certain if E&E did those for me or not. What I can say is out of all the pre-workout drinks I have ever tried, this one had the least chemically (you know what I mean) effect when it came to the tingles. Was almost like slamming a cup of coffee, but instead of a coffee taste, a lemon taste.

There are no preservatives, sweeteners, or artificial flavors which might have something to do as why it did not have the chemical effect I talked about. No untested or high risk ingredients either.

I would buy E&E every other month and used it for other Beachbody workouts, before a long bike ride, and occasionally before a swim too. What I noticed the most from taking it was I had a lot more energy for the first 15 minutes of each workout or activity I was doing. Hard to make a comparison as to if I was able to do more reps or lift more versus the rounds of P90X I did without taking a pre-workout drink.

What Do The P90X Pre-Workout Drink Ingredients Do?

  • Spread more nutrients and oxygen to your muscles through advanced nitric oxide boosters
  • Increase energy and focus in your workout with natural energizers
  • Promote muscular energy and workout performance with amino acids
  • Electrolytes fight dehydration and support muscle function
  • B vitamins provide energy to burn fat and build a strong metabolism
  • Zero-calorie sweetness with the natural ingredient called Stevia

P90X Pre-Workout Drink Comparison

P90X Pre-Workout Drink Comparison

P90X Peak Health Formula Review

Picked up a box of the P90X Multi-Vitamins (Peak Health Formula) during round 4 of P90X and man are these bad boys were potent. The directions said to take 6 at a time or 3 twice a day. If you took all 6 at one time you could feel it going to work on your system asap. Kind of like a shot of energy. I didn’t notice any benefits from it in regards to my workouts.

It took quite awhile to go through the first box as they were not really needed. Shakeology had recently been released and the majority of the vitamins in the P90X Health Formula were included in Shakeology which made it a little bit of overkill.

Typically we would take some if we felt a sickness coming along or before going out for a long night of partying. They were that strong where it felt like you just took two shots of espresso. Let’s not even get into how yellow your pee was thirty minutes after taking them. They were no joke. I might have bought three boxes of them over five years mostly to keep available for when we were traveling.

P90X Recovery DrinkP90X Recovery Drink

Refuel, re-energize, and reduce muscle soreness with this after-workout shake. Four parts carbs to one part protein ensures speedy muscle repair after intense workouts. Popular For All Workouts. $43.95.

P90X Recovery Drink PacketsP90X Recovery Drink Packets

Refuel, re-energize, and reduce muscle soreness with this after-workout shake. Four parts carbs to one part protein ensures speedy muscle repair after intense workouts. Popular For All Workouts. $45.95.

P90X Peak Health FormulaP90X Peak Health Formula

Get ripped with our most complete, high-end, high-potency multivitamin.
Boosts Strength and Energy. $42.95.

P90X Performance PackP90X Performance Pack

These core nutrients help you adapt to a higher fitness level. Maximize your post exercise recovery.

P90X Chocolate Protein BarP90X Chocolate Protein Bars

Chocolate Peanut Butter bar packed with a whopping 20 grams of protein to maximize your workout. Get the protein you need without the fat. $23.95.

P90X Mocha Protein BarP90X Mocha Protein Bar

To maximize your performance, try these delicious bars with 18 grams of protein! Get the protein without the fat.

P90X Wild Berry Protein BarP90X Wild Berry Protein Bar

Try the wild berry protein bar with 18 grams of protein.
Get the protein without the fat.

P90X Pre Workout Drink

P90X Pre-Workout Drink

Energy & Endurance (E&E)

30 Servings For $29.95



When doing the P90X workout you are going to want to incorporate the P90X supplements into your after workout program. Supplementing your diet with vitaimins and nutrients are imperative to your fitness. P90X is going to help you get into great shape but sometimes you will need a little help to get to the next level.

You don’t have to buy supplements for P90X but if I was to recommend buying any of them then I would go with Shakeology and then the P90X Recovery Drink. I don’t see a need for the P90X Multi-Vitamins because the ingredients are in Shakeology. The P90X Recovery Drink ingredients are also in Shakeology but the reason you still want the recovery drink is because it has a lot of the ingredients you just burned from your system doing P90X. You need to get those back in your system so the body can repair and grow.

If you stick with these two supplements then you should get results faster and feel the benefits of using it. I use both of these products even when I’m not doing P90X. Shakeology in the morning and the P90X Recovery Drink after any workout (swimming, biking, snowboarding, etc.).

Besides that it was just a healthy diet and working out on a normal schedule. If you have any questions about the P90X supplements then leave a question below for me.

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